What I’m currently working on:

Current Sprint

Launch blog w/ 5 posts & announce on @vanjaoljaca

  1. LLM Blog Ux Idea [failed]
  2. Autosummarize Autocommit [done]
  3. an AI focused how to (voice?)
  4. OpEd on Values
  5. Something synthesized from working big tech (“Top 5 X I learned…”)
  6. Post about Amazon / Oracle culture
  7. My first iOS app launch
  8. Talk about my vanjacloud ios app concept

My App/System

*I have an app I am developing in a mildly unique way. Write up at substack https://vanjajaja1.substack.com *

  1. Video recording [clunky, done]
  2. Standalone photographer (w/ AI?) (AI photographer could be very interesting for poses)
  3. JS game engine to show off & start
  4. Offline posting
  5. wyd notifications
  6. see daily todos


I am working on my social presence and the message I want to send out. Some of these are personal, fun, and for hobbies. The most relevant one is my coding based TikTok account where I plan to make coding more approachable, and to share my work experience insights in an informal way.

On The Horizon

Working with a friend on a solution in the construction & climate change space.