Hello World: A New Blog UX

Update: This was much more expensive than I calculated so I have disabled it for now.

No one reads blog posts, they’re too long with too much filler. What if they just gave you the key insights up-front?

This is my proof of concept for a new blog UX. I give you a one-pager summary of the idea in a way that aims to inspire you into action, and on the right is the pull mechanism for the details.

What kind of details? I kept a detailed log of every thought I had while building this, including the implementation steps. The data is served via ChatGPT. Maybe you’ll identify insights and process improvements via prompting.

I did this to jump-start my personal AI/UX exploration journey. I quit(ing) my job to focus on experimentation and the social aspect of techology.

My main contact point for the journey is Twitter. I’ll be posting details here, and I’ll be branching out to video soon.

To implement this idea for yourself:

  1. Keep a markdown file open while you work on your project. Write down every thing that comes to mind, any plans, any successes, any failures.
  2. At the end, create a TIGHT 1 page summary. Delete all unnecessary words.
  3. Post to your blog, and host a ChatGPT window next to it. This is the system prompt I use.

Not sure what to ask? Ask for some question recommendations. Update: I did the costing math wrong, this is not a viable idea at this cost. Disabled until I find a way to improve this.